Explore the 6 Best Vacation Spots in Maine for Couples

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Hi Friends, Are, you looking for vacation spots in Maine where you can enjoy your time with each other? Then you are at the right article, here you will find all the answers to your questions. So, read this article carefully and find the solution to your question. In this article, you will learn about the best vacation spots in Maine for couples. So, let’s start and explore these places.

Check the Best Vacation Spots in Maine for Couples, Places to Stay and Things to do List-

Every couple always searching many romantic places where they spend time with each other and understand each other. This article is written for only couples and all the places are suggested by my friend who is a couple and he visited all the places that are mentioned below. If you visit these vacation spots you will not find any shortage of romantic experiences, romantic things to do, and romantic places to stay.

All the romantic vacation spots in Maine for couples are mentioned below briefly, so visit all the places and give time to each other.

  • Boothbay Harbor
  • Moosehead Lake
  • Kennebunkport
  • Camden
  • Old Port, Portland
  • Ogunquit

1. Boothbay Harbor-

Best Vacation Spots in Maine for Couples Boothbay Harbor
Boothbay Harbor

Boothbay Harbor is a beautiful city in Maine that is located United States. The Boothbay Harbor offers a large number of places to visit in Maine and romantic things to do. When you visit here feel romantic and visit on shops and local streets. When you visit Boothbay explore the lighthouse. You can walk on the 1000-foot footbridge that connects the west and east Harbor.

After exploring places, go for lunch and take a variety of dishes. You can find many restaurants here. So, you can include this place in your best vacation spots in Maine for couples.

Best Time to Visit in Bar Harbor-

The best time to visit Bar Harbor is mainly from June to August. Because at this time you will experience good weather here. If you want to avoid the crowds then you can visit here from September to October.

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Places to Visit in Bar Harbor-

  • Acadia National Park
  • Shore Path
  • Mount Desert Island
  • Ocean Trail
  • Schoodic Peninsula
  • Cadillac Mountain North Ridge Trail
  • Eagle Lake

Things to do in Bar Harbor-

  • Visit Acadia National Park
  • Boat Tours
  • Whale Watch
  • Visit in Abbe Museum
  • Compass Harbor
  • Hiking
  • Visit Garden and Parks
  • Enjoy in Free Cafe

Best Hotel in Bar Harbor, Maine-

  • Bar Harbor Grand Hotel
  • Acadia Hotel
  • Bar Harbor Inn & Spa
  • Bar Harbor Motel
  • Bar Harbor Manor
  • Sand Bar Cottage
  • Little Fig Hotel

2. Moosehead Lake-

If you are searching for a most romantic place then Moosehead Lake is perfect for you. It is a beautiful region in Maine. You can take a wildlife tour here. It is located in northwest Maine. It is the second largest lake in New England which you can visit with girlfriends. Here you will experience a peaceful environment.

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Best Time to visit in Moosehead Lake, Maine-

The best time to visit Moosehead Lake is June to August to enjoy activities like hiking, waterfall view, boating, golfing, and kayaking. If you want to avoid crowds then you should visit in mid-May.

Places to Visit in Moosehead Lake-

  • Moosehead Lake
  • Mount Kineo
  • Gulf Hagas
  • Borestone Mountain
  • Moosehead Historical Society
  • Spotted Cat Winery
  • Big Moose Mountain
  • Burnt Jacket Mountain
  • Barrows Falls Trails

Things to do in Moosehead Lake Maine-

There are many things to do in Moosehead Lake in Maine, list are given below.

  • Visit Lily Bay State Park
  • Take Jack’s Air Service
  • Rafting
  • Currier’s Flying Service
  • Fly Fishing
  • Wildlife Tours
  • Stand Up Paddleboarding
  • Kayaking
  • Waterfall View
  • Bird Watching

Best Hotel in Moosehead Lake, Maine-

  • Chalet Moosehead Lakefront
  • Moose Mountain Inn
  • Moosehead Hills Cabins
  • Blair Hill Inn
  • The Lodge at Moosehead Lake

3. Kennebunkport-

It is located in southern Maine with many beautiful sandy beaches and places. You will feel a romantic mood here and you can explore many places like Dock Square, and Ocean Avenue. If you are couples both can go to the beach and enjoy. Also, you can see here whale and visit on many sites.

Best time to visit in Kennebunkport-

The best time to visit Kennebunkport for couples and other people is June to October. It is peak season. If you want to avoid crowds then you can go from March to May month. At this time, you will find fewer crowds.

Places to visit in Kennebunkport-

  • Seashore Trolley Museum
  • Walker’s Point
  • Kennebunk Beach
  • Parsons Way
  • Goat Island Lighthouse
  • President Bush Compound

Places to Stay in Kennebunkport-

  • Kennebunkport Inn
  • The Boathouse Waterfront Hotel
  • Kennebunkport Captains
  • Rhumb Line Resort
  • Kilburn House
  • Nonantum Resort

Things to do in Kennebunkport-

  • Enjoy o Kennebunkport beaches
  • Shopping
  • Visit in Museum
  • Visit in Ganny’s Garden
  • Whale Watching
  • Boat Tour
  • Hiking
  • Food Tour

4. Camden-

It is the best vacation spot for couples which you can explore. You can find here many architectures and lighthouses. You can visit here many shops, cafes and restaurants. You can see in winter season view of the Atlantic Ocean and Camden Snow Bowl. There are many things to do here which you can do as a couple like hiking, and shopping.

Best Time to Visit in Camden Maine-

The best time to visit Camden for couples is peak season summer and winter. Many local people say that April to June is the best month for a visit to Camden.

Places to Visit in Camden-

  • Mount Battie
  • Camden Harbor Park
  • Megunticook Lake
  • Curtis Island Light
  • Camden Snow Bowl
  • Camden Public Library
  • Pitcher Pond

Things to do in Camden-

  • Boat Tours
  • Schooner Tour
  • Camden Harbor Cruise
  • Fishing
  • Shopping
  • Visit Hills State Park
  • Enjoy Camden’s best beaches

Places to Stay in Camden Maine-

  • Camden Riverhouse Hotel
  • Camden Windward House
  • Grand Harbor Inn
  • Captain Swift Inn
  • 16 Bay View
  • Abigail’s Inn

5. Old Port, Portland-

Old Port is a historic place that offers many beach vacation spots in Maine for couples. It offers historic places, nightlife pop, and many more. Here you will find a lot of hotels and resorts to stay. Apart from this, you can do many activities as a couple.

Portland Maine
Portland, Maine

Best Time to Visit in Portland, ME-

The best time to visit Old Port, Portland for all people is June month to August. Summer season is the peak season to visit in Old Port, Portland. At this, the lodging rates are too high.

Things to do in Old Port Maine-

  • Fishing
  • Beer Tours
  • Explore Casco Bay
  • Explore Portland
  • Cycling
  • Wicked Walking Tour
  • Duck Tours

Places to Stay in Old Port Maine-

  • Hyatt Place Portland
  • At St Jhon
  • Portland Harbor Hotel
  • The Francis
  • The Westin Portland Harborview
  • Portland Regency Hotel & Spa

6. Ogunquit-

Ogunquit is the southern part of the Maine. It offers world-class resort experiences. It offers many sandy beaches and rocky cliffs in the town. You can visit with a girlfriend here many shops, restaurants, and art galleries. Also, you can visit in Heritage Museum.

Best Time to Visit in Ogunquit Maine-

The best time to visit in Ogunquit, Maine for couples is May month to October. This month the weather is perfect. May is the rainy month in Maine.

Places to visit in Ogunquit Maine-

  • Marginal Way
  • Ogunquit Beach
  • Perkins Cove
  • Footbridge Beach
  • Abacus
  • The Leavitt Theatre
  • Perkins Cove Draw Bridge

Things to do in Ogunquit Maine- 

  • Walking the Marginal Way
  • See Perkins Cove
  • Stroll through Downtown Ogunquit
  • Sailing Trip
  • Visit in Heritage Museum

Places to Stay in Ogunquit Maine-

  • Terrace By the Sea
  • Ogunquit Tides
  • Juniper Hill Inn
  • The Anchorage by the Sea
  • The Admiral’s Inn
  • Gorges Grant Hotel


If you visit any of the above-mentioned places for couples in Maine then do share your experience with us.


Hopefully, you will get answers to your questions by reading this article. In this article, we have learned which are the best vacation spots in Maine for couples. If you have liked this article and have liked it then definitely share it. If you have any questions then always ask in the comment. Thank you for reading.

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