10 Best Places to Visit in Maine in Summer United States

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Hi, are you looking for the best places to spend the summer leave in Maine? Don’t worry friends. Here I will guide you to find the summer places. In today’s article, I will suggest you 10 best places to visit in Maine in summer, which you can visit during your holiday with family, and the best time to visit in Maine. Your plan to visit in summer in Main is a good decision for you because Maine has a lot of lakes and ponds, a lot of shorelines, and very many islands that will welcome you.

Check the List of Best Places to visit in Maine in Summer-

In the summer season, you can many things to do in Maine. You can visit various adventurous places, and many beaches for photography. If you visit Maine in summer then it will give you a great experience. I recommend you visit Maine in Summer at least once.

  • Owls Head Maine
  • Matinicus Maine
  • Sebago Lake Maine
  • Cape Elizabeth Maine
  • Old Orchard Beach Maine
  • Rockland Maine
  • Lubec Maine
  • Vinalhaven Maine
  • Millinocket Maine
  • Kennebunk Maine

1. Owls Head Maine-

Owls Head is one of the good places to visit in Maine in summer, where you can go on your holiday to enjoy your summer leave. In the summer season, you will find in Owls Head a lot of crowds. You can go here to Birch Point State Park (also known as Lucia Beach) which is a great place for tourists in the summer season.

Owls Head
Owls Head, Maine

You can enjoy it here on sandy beaches like celebrating birthdays and having a party. Apart from this, with views of Penobscot Bay and celebrating birthdays on sandy beaches, you can find here many places to stay in luxurious rooms, and you can explore hiking trails.

2. Matinicus Island, Maine-

If you want to do adventure activities then Matinicus is the best option for you. In the summer season, you can enjoy boating. It is of the best places to travel in Maine in summer with family.

In the Matinicus you will not find a lot find restaurants. So, before visiting Matinicus you should bring some things to eat.

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3. Sebago Lake Maine-

If you want to spend summer weekends then Sebago Lake can be a great option for you. The Sebago Lake is spread over about 1400 acres of freshwater beach, where you can explore many things to do in Sebago Lake such as fishing, boating, hiking, camping, and river walks.

Here the Songo River meets Sebago Lake. You can visit here Songo Lock which is the origin of boating. You can include Sebago Lake in your places to visit in Maine in the summer with kids list.

4. Cape Elizabeth Maine-

In the Visiting of Portland Head Light Cape Elizabeth is a great and one of the famous places to visit in Maine in summer for couples. With many scenic spots surrounding the lighthouse areas, Fort Williams Park there are many other beautiful places are which you can explore.

If you want to enjoy less apart from the crowd you can go to Crescent Beach State Park which offers various surprises for you.

5. Old Orchard Beach Maine-

Old Orchard Beach which is also known as in short form OOB is the best summer destination for your summer leave. You can explore many places in Old Orchard Beach like Palace Playland amusement park, Harmon Museum, etc.

The visiting during summer season in Old Orchard Beach becomes a great decision for you because you do many things here on the beach like enjoy birthday parties. You should visit here in the summer season to enjoy your summer weekends.

6. Rockland Maine-

This is a popular place in Maine with crowds. Rockland Maine has  Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse which is the best tourist place. A lot of tourists visit here in the summer season to enjoy summer weekends.

This is the best place to visit in Maine in summer with kids. Children’s Castle Museum is the best place for kids where you can visit with your kids. The dining on the Pier port gives an amazing experience. So you should visit here with the kids.

7. Lubec Maine

It is the easternmost town in Washington Count in Maine, United States which is one of the beautiful places to travel in Maine in summer. In the summer season, you will find here less crowds. A lot of tourists visit here in the summer weekends. You can also visit Lubec Maine during summer to enjoy your leave.

Best Places to Visit in Maine in Summer Lubec

What Lubec Offrers for you-

Lubec offers you a lot of tourist attractions and activities that are given below.

  • Natural Beauty
  • Luxurious hotel
  • Stunning beaches
  • Affordable travel Expenses

What does it offer Lubec-

  • Fast food
  • Fewer crowds
  • Theme and Amusement Park
  • Shopping Malls
  • Movies Theatre

8. Vinalhaven Maine

Vinalhaven is famous for its largest lobster fishing fleet. But it offers a lot of tourist attractions for tourist where tourists can go and enjoy their summer trip. This place has natural beauty, stunning beaches, and many more. You can take a trip to Fox Island which many tourists like.

You can reach there by ferry ride or flight. You can explore the Vinalhaven Land Trust site for hiking, beaches, and tourist attractions. Also, you can visit the sister island by renting a water taxi and boat which is great place to go in summer.

9. Millinocket Maine

Millinocket has an international Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monuments dark Sky Park that is one of the beautiful places to visit in Maine during summer. You will find here a lot of things to do like hiking and outdoor activities.

Things to do in Millinocket-

In Millinocket, you can many things to do which are given in the list below.

  • Explore forest
  • Visit lakes, rivers, and mountains
  • Hiking trails
  • Rafting
  • Boating
  • Photography

The Baxter State Park is the largest park in Maine that is famous for hiking and wilderness climbing.

Places to Stay in Millinocket-

  • New England Outdoor Center
  • 5 Lake Lodge
  • Camp near Baxter

10. Kennebunk Maine.

It is a town in York County in Maine, United States whose population was 11,536 at the 2020 census. Kennebunk has many beaches, historical architecture, and museums that you can explore.  If you want to visit less crowded places then you can go to the village.

Places to Visit in Kennebunk Maine-

  • Gooch’s Beach
  • Maine Art Hill
  • Mother’s Beach
  • Parsons Beach
  • The Brick Store Museum

Best time to visit in Maine-

The Best time to visit Maine for low-cost living, and less crowds is summer or November to April for low cost. The peak season is June to August and the average season is May to October.

Best Time to visit Maine for Very Good Weather-

In Maine, the weather begins to warm starting in May. If you want to visit in warm weather then you can visit in July and August month.

Best Time to visit in Maine for Low Cost-

In the summer season, the prices of hotels are very high. But during the winter season, the prices of resorts are low compared to the summer season. You can find low-cost accommodations in the summer season.


We hope that this article will help you and you will get answers to all your questions. In today’s article, we have learned very well that what is the best places to visit in Maine in summer. If you liked this article and it helped you then please share it with your friends.

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