Top 9 Fun Things to do in San Antonio for couples at Night

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If are you a couple and want to spend the holiday leave time to visit San Antonio and have fun things to do at night then don’t worry friends. You are at the authentic and helpful article. This article gives the best information related to your problem or question. In today’s article, I will suggest you 9 best fun things to do in San Antonio for couples at night. So, why you are waiting till now let’s explore all the places in San Antonio where you can have fun things to do at night very easily.

Fun Things to do in San Antonio for couples at Night List-

San Antonio has no shortage of fun things to do for couples at night for all people like family and friends. But today we will discuss only about things to do for couples. San Antonio is the best place to do interesting and unique activities at night. Some things to do like see comedy shows, shop, dine, enjoy different foods, Ghost Tour, enjoy movies in the majestic theatre, date each other, stroll along the river walk, etc.

All fun things to do in San Antonio for couples at night list are mentioned below. Check the list and explore all activities as a couple.

1. Enjoy the Dine on the San Antonio River Walk-

Fun Things to do in San Antonio for couples at Night San Antonio River Walk
San Antonio River Walk

If you are a couple then you can dine on the San Antonio Riverwalk. Dining on the San Antonio Riverwalk can be a good decision for you. Both can dine and explore other things. The Riverwalk of San Antonio looks like as canals of Venice in Italy. The Riverwalk area of San Antonio is undoubtedly a famous romantic place. If you visit here then explore the sunset view. It will give you an amazing experience. You can explore some riverside bars and restaurants as a couple.

Best Food Restaurant in Riverwalk San Antonio-

Around the Riverwalk, you can eat a lot of a variety of delicious foods in many low-cost to high-cost restaurants. There are some food restaurants listed below. Check the list.

  • Yard House
  • Boiler House
  • Little Rhein Prost Haus
  • Tre Trattoria
  • El Castillo
  • Boudro’s on Riverwalk
  • Iron Cactus Mexican Restaurant

 2. Watch Saga Light Shows-

San Antonio offers a light show that is known as the Saga Light Shows which you can watch at night as a couple. It gives a fun experience in San Antonio to couples. If you like to know about historical places and history then it place is the perfect destination for you. In the Saga Light, you will learn about the history of San Antonio. So, if you are like know the history then you should watch Saga Light shows.

So visit in San Antonio and enjoy the fun things to do in San Antonio for couples at night.

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Showtime of Saga Light Shows-

The shows run every Tuesday to Sunday at 9 PM and 9.30 PM. You can visit this time to enjoy the Saga Light Shows with family.

Entry Fee-

If we talk about the entry fees then there are no entry fees for see the Sgag Light Shows. It is also completely free for the public.

Saga Light Shows Location San Antonio-

The location of Saga Light Shows is Main Plaza, Home of San Fernando Cathedral, 115 N, Main Avenue, San Antonio, Texas 78205.


It offers free parking at the City Tower Parking Garage every Sunday.

Best Restaurants Near Saga Light Show San Fernando Cathedral-

  • Poblanos On Main
  • Biga on the Banks
  • Hooked Boil House
  • Domingo Restaurant
  • Esquire Tavern

3. Horse Ride in San Antonio-

A horse ride at night in San Antonio is a good option of thing to do for a couple. Using horse ride you can explore a night view of the city or a particular area in San Antonio. The horse ride tour is offered by the Bluebonnet Carriage Company of Downtown, San Antonio.

It offers couples a romantic package in which they include a 20-minute ride and a chocolate box. They offer a package for $140 per couple. There are many other companies available. You can choose anyone as per your budget, and facilities.

4. Watch Shows in Majestic Theater-

Watching shows in the theatre will give a good and fun experience. If you visit San Antonio then you can watch shows in many famous theatres. There are many theatres you can choose from as per your budget and time. The Majestic theatre is one of the best and oldest theatres in San Antonio which you can visit to enjoy shows.

Majestic Theater Location-

The Majestic Theater is located at 224 E Houston St, St Antonio, Texas 78205, USA.

Contact Number-


5. See Comedy Show in San Antonio-

Seeing a comedy show at night is the best fun things to do in San Antonio for couples at night. If you visit San Antonio then one of the best fun things to do is see a comedy show. You can also enjoy food and snacks while seeing the comedy show. There are a lot of restaurants available near the comedy shows.

6. Go and Enjoy Ghost Tour-

If you plan to travel to San Antonio and as a couple want some things to do at night then you can on a ghost tour in the city. You can travel around the city with each other and share your feelings in front of each other.

7. Enjoy Roller Skate at Rollercade-

Roller Skate activities are the best fun things to do in San Antonio at night for couples. When you visit San Antonio then you can go Roller Skating which is the best activity in San Antonio.  Also, you can play many games in the Rollercade at night.

Best Restaurants Near Rollercade-

  • Tycoon Flats
  • Anthony Fish and Chicken
  • Tlahco Mexican Kitchen
  • Full Belly
  • Ida Claire

Rolllercade Location-

The Rollercade Location is 223 Recoleta, Sna Antonio, TX 78216

Contact Number-


8. Night Dancing-

Night dancing is one of the famous fun things to do in San Antonio for couples at night, which every couple must enjoy. Dancing adds a lot of romance between couples, so I would suggest you dance with your girlfriend to increase the love between you two.  Both can enjoy the dancing activities in your room or you can go to the club to dance with each other. You can go for a dance in Cowboy’s Dancehall, San Antonio.

9. Visit Bar and Clubs-

If you want to enjoy and spend time with each other then you can visit clubs and bars. Bars and clubs are also a great place where couples can go to do a lot of activities. This place is mainly for couples.

If you are a couple, then my suggestion is that you must visit bars and clubs once. Here we can dance and dance together. Both can try the test of wine and share feelings at night. It can be a good activity for couples which both can do.


Finally, I would like to tell you that you can do many fun activities in San Antonio which will help in creating love between you and your girlfriend. With this, you will run a little distance from your life and enjoy your life for the better.

This article will give you the solution to your problem and you will know what are the fun things to do in San Antonio for couples at night. Which you can enjoy with your girlfriend. If you have any questions related to this valuable article or any other questions, please ask in the comments.

Frequently Asked Question


Does San Antonio have a good nightlife?

Yes, San Antonio has a good nightlife for couples. Because it has a lot of places to visit to enjoy the nightlife experiences. The clubs, bars, dancing halls, light shows and activities give an amazing nightlife experience.

Is San Antonio a good place for singles?

Yes, San Antonio is a good place for singles to spend time and live. Along with being a romantic place, it is the best place for singles. If you are single, undoubtedly, you can live here.  

Is San Antonio a romantic city?

Undoubtedly, San Antonio is a romantic city. It is mainly famous for its romantic places and nightlife for couples. Some romantic places, like spas, restaurants, Riverwalks, make it a romantic city and fun things to do for couples at night.

What is San Antonio popular for?

San Antonio is mainly popular for its tourist attractions, like the San Antonio Riverwalk, The Alamo city, Japanese Gardens, San Antonio river, Natural Bridge Carverns and many more.

Where can I walk at night in San Antonio?

As per my experience, the Riverwalk starting from the Pearl is the best place for walking at night. Because it gives the amazing exposure of the nightlife in San Antonio.

What types of food is San Antonio famous for?

In San Antonio there are some foods that are famous, like cheddar cheese, tasty meat, tortilla soup, fajitas, burgers and many more.

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