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Hello Friends, are you looking for the best and most beautiful water park in America to enjoy vacation and weekend with your family, friends, and girlfriend? Then you are at the right place, because here we will discuss the most visited Splish Splash Water Park NY, United States. Here we will talk about the unforgettable Splash water park.

Enjoy in Splish Splash Water Park NY with Family-

If you want to enjoy a vacation and spend time with your family, friends, and girlfriend then Splish Splash Water Park is the perfect family destination. Splish Splash Water Park is spread over 96 acres and it is the largest in New York. It offers a wide range of attractions that are best rides for all age groups. This park is divided into many themed areas and each offers amazing experiences. It offers high-speed slides to relaxing lazy rivers and many more.

Everyone wants to visit at least because it is a famous water park in New York City. It is the most visited water park in summer. Here you can enjoy your vacation. Splish Splash Water Park is considered a family priority.

Splish Splash Water Park
Splish Splash Water Park

There are many attractions events and dining options available that you can enjoy and participate in. This water park always considers its customers as a guest and gives the best experience that always customer remember. Splish Splash is one of the best largest islands to spend time with his family and kids.

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Splish Splash Water Park Location-

Splish Splash Water Park operates its services in three locations which are given below.

Morden, Manitoba-

Colert Beach is at the Lake Minnewasta Recreation Area, which is almost 1.5 Kilometers west of Morden, MB. Morden is a beautiful city located in southern Manitoba’s Pembina Valley area. It is around 11 Kilometers west of Winkler City, and it is about 1.5 hours away from Winnipeg.

The towns of Morden and Winkler city, with a combined population exceeding 22,000 are mainly known as Manitoba’s Twin Cities. If you want to access Colert Beach at the Lake Minnewasta Campground then you need to pay the entrance fee.

For any inquiries regarding the entrance fee, you can call this number 204-822-4991.

Rates of Morden-

Ages under 9 years old.

Opening Hours-

It is open 7 Days Week 12 PM to 8.30 PM.

​Sunday To Friday-
  • For 1 Hour -$15
  • For Extra Hour -$5
  • For Evening Pass – $20
  • Day Pass is-$23 (Only $2.71/hour)
  • For 1 Hour-$16
  • For Extra Hour-$5
  • For Evening Pass -$18
  • Day Pass is Not Available
In Holiday

Day Pass is Not Available

Note- For the direct contact with this location, dial (431) 774-2860.

Minnedosa, MB-

It is the first floating park that is located at Minedosa Beach. There is plenty to see Minnedosa’s biggest attraction is a lake. Minnedosa Lake is an artificial lake that is perfect for outdoor activities on and around the waters. Here you can enjoy swimming, boating, kayaking, and canoeing. And this year here you will find many of the newest attractions to the Minnedosa Lake.

Contact the location directly- 431774-7275

Operating Hours-

It is open 7 days a week 12 PM to 8.3 PM

Thunder Bay-

This is the first water park with full operation. You can enjoy it here with the entire family. It is the best fun place for adults, teens, and kids.

Contact the Location- 807 709-7776

What to Bring-

  • Suntan Lotion
  • Towel
  • T-Shirt

Thunder Bay Rates-

Age under 9 years-

Operating Hours-

It is open 7 days a week between 12 PM to 8 PM.

Sunday Through Friday-
  • For 1 Hour- $15
  • For Extra Hours- $5
  • Evening Pass – $18
  • Day Pass – $32

Thunder Bay Rates of Age 10 + Up-

Sunday Through Friday-
  • For 1 Hour- $18
  • For Extra Hour- $5
  • Evening Pass- $18
  • Day Pass- $32
  • For 1 Hour $ 16
  • For Extra Hour- $5
  • For Evening Pass- 18

Day Pass- Not Available

  • For 1 Hour- $20
  • For Extra Hour- $5
  • For Evening Pass – $18
  • Day Pass- Not Available
In Holidays-

Day Pass is not Available.

Splash Water Park is located in Calverton, New York. It is open from 25th May to September.

Splish Splash Phone Number-

2549 Splish Splash Drive

Calverton, NY 11933

(631) 727-3600

Splish Splash Rides and Attraction-

When you visit Splish Splash water park in America then here you can explore many slides such as Alien Invasion, hyperlight unique water coaster, bootleggers Run, and many more. Here are some relaxing experiences beautiful and lazy rivers are the best rides to stay cool.

Splish Splash Water Park Rides
Splish Splash Water Park Rides

Apart from this, most of the children will love kiddie areas such as Yellow Submarine, Octopus pool, Kiddie slides, and Pirates Cove. All the available areas in the splash that you can enjoy.

Foods in Splish Splash water-

When if you visit the Splish Splash water park then here are many food options that you can enjoy. It is very suitable for you. The Boardwalk is also one of the best destinations to visit in the park for many restaurants in the Boardwalk. Here are many delicious Italian foods that also you can enjoy.

Birthday Parties-

Splash also offers to host a birthday party in summer. Here you can celebrate your family’s birthday with Splash’s best package. Here you can buy a cake and plan your birthday party and celebrate. If you want to celebrate a birthday party then you can also visit here.

Splish Splash Water Park Tickets and Price-

If you are looking for a budget-friendly place to visit in summer and spend time with your family then you can visit Splish Splash Water Park. Here you can enjoy your vacation with family and water rides and many fun activities on a single day ticket.

Admission Costs-

The Splish Splash ticket prices vary every year and the type of ticket you purchase. The admission tickets are reasonable and discounts are available for children, seniors, students and military people. If you want to get a discount on the ticket, then you need to purchase your tickets online in advance.

Season Passes and Discounts-

If you want to get a huge discount on ticket then season pass is best time. During season passes it offers to access the park and get discounts on food.

Visit for Official website book Ticket-

Splish Splash Water Park

Splish Splash Water Park Opening Hours-

If you want to enjoy things to do on Island then you can visit in summer. Splish Splash is the largest water park in New York. The operating date of the Splash Water Park also changes according to Splish Splash Water Park. 

Opening Hours-

  • 10 a.m to 6 p.m on weekdays
  • 10 a.m to 7 p.m on weekends.

List of Splash Water Park Attractions-

Here, there are many attractions available for fun such as kiddie areas and, a wave pool that you can explore. Alien Invasion is a rapid descent that is followed by a stream screaming, out-of-control spin.

  • Barrier Reef
  • Bootlegger’s Run
  • Dinosaur Falls
  • Von Dark’s Tunnel of Terror
  • Dragon’s Den
  • Giant Twister
  • Hollywood Stunt Rider
  • Hyperlight
  • Kahuna Bay Wavepool
  • Kiddie Slides
  • Lazy River
  • Mammoth River
  • Max Trax
  • Octopus Pool
  • Pirates Cove
  • Riptide Racer
  • Shotgun Falls
  • Soak City
  • Surf City
  • Yellow Submarine
  • Bombs Away

Bombs Away is a feature that is two dueling 300-foot slides one tower over 50 feet in the air. Also, you can enjoy it.

Popular Hotel in the Long Island-

  • Hilton Garden
  • Holiday Inn Express
  • Fairfield Inn Marriot Long
  • Den Ford’s Hotel
  • Hampton Inn Long Island
  • Hilton Long Island
  • Floral Park Motor Lodge

Dining Options in Splish Splash-

Food Stalls and Restaurants

Splish Splash offers you’ll find a lot of dining options to choose from. This park features a variety of food stalls and restaurants which offer everything like burgers, fries and healthy options like salads and wraps.

Picnic Areas-

If you prefer to bring your own food, then no problem. Splish Splash provides you with the best picnic areas where you can enjoy your food with family.


I hope you have enjoyed the article and you have found all the answers to your questions. In this article, we learn about Splish Splash Water Park. If you have any questions or want to share experince of the Splish Splsh then you can ask and share in the comment section.

Frequently Asked Question

Where is Splish Splash Water Park is Located?

Splish Splash Water Park is Located in Calverton, NY.

What is the tallest ride at Splish Splash?

Bomb Away is the tallest ride at Splish Splash, which is 300 foot long.

What is best time to visit Splish Splash?

The best time to visit Splish Splash is early May and early June, when you can visit.

When is Splish Splash Open?

Splish Splash is open 10 a.m to 6 p.m on weekdays and 10 a.m to 7 p.m on weekends.

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