10 Best Places to Visit in Trivandrum with Family Kerala

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Hello Friends, Are, you planning to a trip with your family to Trivandrum and want to spend time with your family? Trivandrum is a beautiful and religious place in Kerala which you can explore with family. This article will help you to find the best places to visit in Trivandrum with family. So, why you are waiting let’s explore all the places of Trivandrum.

Explore these Family-Friendly Gems: Best Places to Visit in Trivandrum with Family List-

There is no shortage of places to visit in Trivandrum. There are some unique and beautiful places which you can explore. Trivandrum is also known by its name Thiruvananthapuram. Trivandrum has beaches, the world’s richest temples, a zoological park, a museum, and many other places that you can visit with your family. All the places of Trivandrum are listed below.

  • Agasthyakoodam
  • Shangumugham Beach
  • Priyadarshini Planetarium
  • Veli Tourist Village
  • Magic Planet
  • Trivandrum Zoo
  • Poovar Island
  • Napier Museum
  • Padmanabhaswamy Temple

Shangumugham Beach-

It is situated on the western edge of Trivandrum. It is located very close to Trivandrum International Airport which you can explore very easily. Where you can come anytime to visit, many people come here in the morning and evening to see the view of sunset and sunrise. It is one of the beautiful places to visit in Trivandrum with family. Some people also come here to take a bath in the sea, here you can celebrate your birthday wish.

Best Places to Visit in Trivandrum with Family Shangumugham Beach
Shangumugham Beach

Here you will also get to see a fish statue which is about 35 meters long. This is one of the unique architecture of Kerala that you can see. If you have more time, you can also visit Chacha Nehru Traffic Training Park which helps in teaching children about traffic rules and regulations.

Hotels Near Shangumugham Beach-

  • Hotel Sunday
  • Seaside Homestay
  • Montecello Home Stay
  • Ambara Suites
  • Sun Tara Beach Resort

Shangumugham Beach Timing-

It is open 24 hours.

Shangumugham Beach Location-

Shangumugham Beach, Trivandrum

Shangumugham Beach to Railway Station Distance-

The Shangumugham Beach to Thiruvananthapuram Central railway station distance is 4.5 km.

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This is one of the famous tourist places of Trivandrum which people come from far to visit. It is located in the Western Ghats of Kerala. This place is famous for those people who are interested in trekking and are nature lovers. It is the second-largest peak in Kerala; its height is 6201 feet. To reach its peak, you have to reach there by trekking through the mountains, which gives you a very good adventure experience.

This mountain is a religious place for both Hindus and Buddhists. Apart from this, there are many types of medicine plants found here. One thing is to reach here you have to trek off the mountain about 28 kilometers. So, include this best places to visit in Trivandrum with family and explore his unique place in Kerala.

Agasthyakoodam Location-

  • Thiruvanathapuram, Kerla.
  • Hotels Near Agasthyakoodam-
  • The Forrest Inn
  • Hotel Ambai Grand
  • Yexus Greens Resort
  • Bio Veda Hill Resort

Priyadarshini Planetarium-

This planetarium is part of a famous museum in Trivandrum where people come with their families to learn about space and science and spend holiday leave. There is also a 3D theatre where you can watch a lot of information about science and space. If you are also interested in knowing about space then you must visit Priyadarshini Planetarium once with your family.

So, include this place in your trip of best places to visit in Trivandrum with family and visit this planetarium to spend your leave.

Priyadarshini Planetarium Location-

The Priyadarshini Planetarium location is PMG, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala.

Priyadarshini Planetarium Show Timing-

The Priyadarshini Planetarium show timing is 10.30 AM to 12.00 PM and 3.00 PM to 5.00 PM.

Priyadarshini Planetarium Entry Fee-

The Priyadarshini Planetarium entry fee is 75 per person for young adults and 40 rupees per person for children.

Hotels Near Priyadarshini Planetarium-

The best hotel list near Priyadarshini Planetarium is given below.

  • Mascot Hotel
  • Hilton Garden Inn
  • Hycinth Hotels
  • Vivanta

Veli Tourist Village-

Veli Tourist Village is a famous picnic spot in Kerala where people come to celebrate picnics with their families. This place is built between Veli Lake and the Arabian Sea, due to which it is considered one of the most beautiful places. Here you can do many activities which mainly include voting. Here you get many activities like boating, safari boat, speed boat and many other boat activities which you can enjoy.

Best Hotels Near Veli Tourist Village-

  • Planet Residency
  • Nest Hotel
  • Government Youth Hostel
  • Ambara Suites
  • Meghna Residency

Entry Fee- NA

Veli Tourist Village Locations-

The location is Perumathura Road, Veli, Trivandrum, Kerala.

Magic Planet-

It is one of the best places to visit in Trivandrum with family. Magic Planet is India’s first theme park which you can explore with family. Here you will get to see many magic shows and do magic activities. Here you get to see a mixture of both knowledge and entertainment in one place. This amazing Magic Planet was opened to the public on 31 October 2014. If you also want to explore it then you can visit with your friends.

Magic Planet Location-

The Magic Planet location is Video Park Sainik School P.O, Kazahakkoottam, Trivandrum, Kerla.

Magic Planet Timing-

The Magic Planet timing is 10 AM to 5 PM between Tuesday to Sunday.

Best Hotels Near Magic Planet-

  • Nilastay Emirates
  • Olaya Residency
  • Avoki Hotels and Resorts
  • Ginger Trivandrum
  • Gokulam Grand

Trivandrum Zoo-

Trivandrum Zoo
Trivandrum Zoo

Trivandrum Zoo is a cheapest places to visit in Trivandrum with family in Kerala. Thi is one of the must-visit places for all types of people. It has ponds, grasslands and lots of animals and birds that you can see. It is spread over about 55 acres which gives a real experience of forest wildlife. The Trivandrum Zoo was established in 1859 for the public. Which is one of the oldest zoos in India that you should visit with your family.

Here you will get to see more than 1000 types of animals. If we talk about its timing, it is open from 9:00 in the morning to 5:00 pm and it is closed on Monday. If we talk about tickets, then the ticket price for adults is ₹20 and the ticket price for children is ₹5.

Trivandrum Zoo Locatioon-

The Trivandrum Zoo is located in Kanak Nagar, Nanthancodu, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala.

Trivandrum Zoo Timing-

The Trivandrum Zoo timing is from 9 AM to 5.15 PM.

Trivandrum Zoo Ticket Price-

The Trivandrum Zoo ticket price for children below the age of 12 years is 5 rupees and above is 20 rupees per person.

Poovar Island-

This is one of the best places to visit in Trivandrum with family and friends. Here you can wander and relax with your family on the sandy beach of the Arabian Sea. Here you will see coconut trees and sandy beaches. Here the most prominent attraction is the hut floating on the water which is very beautiful to see. Here you can also do and enjoy boat riding. Through the boat, you can explore nearby attractions like Kanyakumari Beach.

This museum is one of the famous historical places of Kerala which you can go to explore with your family. It is also a place for horses. Because there are statues of 122 wooden horses here.

This palace was built by Ram Verma. In this museum you will get to see artifacts and sculptures and paintings of ancient times, so you must visit this place once with your family.

Poovar Island Location-

  • PoZhiyoor, Kulathoor, Kerla
  • Hotels Near Poovar Island-
  • Isola Di Cocco
  • Poovar Island Resort

Napier Museum-

Napier Museum is a famous natural and art museum in Trivandrum or Triuanantpuram which you can come to visit with your family and friends. This is also an ancient museum of Kerala which was established around 1855. This museum is nearby near Trivandrum Zoo. Here you will get to see many ancient art facts, historical things, paintings, sculptures, ancient time jewelry, and many more things.

If you are also interested in knowing about history, then you can come to visit Napier Museum with your family. If we talk about its timing, it remains open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Best Hotels Near Napier Museum-

  • Elegant Hotels
  • Green View Home Stay
  • Mascot Hotel
  • Maurya Rajadhani
  • The South Park

Napier Museum Timing-

Best time is 10.00 AM to 4.30 PM

Entry Fee of Napier Museum-

The entry fee of Napier Museum is 10 rupees per person.

Napier Museum Location-

The location is near Museum Junction, Kanaka Nagar Trivandrum.

10. Padmanabhaswamy Temple-

This temple is one of the most famous places to visit in Trivandrum with family and ancient temples of Kerala, which is the most developed temple in India. This temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. The temple is also considered to be the richest temple in the world. Here people come to visit not only from India but also from abroad. If you also want to know more about this temple, then you must come to this temple with your family to take bless of Lord Vishnu.

So include this place in your trip of best places to visit in Trivandrum with family and visit for spend time.

Best Time to Visit Padmanabhaswamy Temple-

The best time to visit Padmanabhaswamy Temple is for all people October month to February month between 8 am to 10 pm.

Padmanabhaswamy Temple Location-

LMS Vellayambalam Road, near the Museum Junction, Kanaka Nagar, Trivandrum, Kerala

Padamanabhaswamy Temple Timing

10 AM to 4. 30 PM evening

Places to Stay Near Padamanabhaswamy Temple-

  • Ekana Homes
  • Meghna Residency
  • Aiswarya Inn
  • Nila Stay Central
  • The Royal Heritage Hotel

How to reach Trivandrum-

If you want to reach Trivandrum, then you can get a direct train from any big city in India to reach Trivandrum or you can also reach through an airplane. If you come by train to Trivandrum, then the nearest railway station there is Trivandrum is central where you can reach via train, and from there via auto you can go to your sightseeing place.

If you come to Trivandrum via flight then you can take an auto or taxi from Trivandrum International Airport to reach your destination.

Best Time to Visit Trivandrum-

The best time to visit Trivandrum the best time to visit Trivandrum is between October to March. In between, you can visit Trivandrum anytime. The weather here is very good at this time and you can enjoy all kinds of things here. Activities can be done at this time.

Well, if you want, you can come to visit Trivandrum anytime, but from my experience, I am telling you that you can visit Trivandrum only between October to March so that all kinds of facilities will be easily available to you and the trip will be nice.


Hopefully you will have got the answers to your questions through this article. In this article you have learned which is the best place to visit in Trivandrum with family. You must share this article with your friends if it has helped you.

Frequently Asked Question

Where is Agasthyakoodam Located?

Agasthyakoodam located is at the peak of the Sahyadri Range of Mountains and 61 km north-east of Trivandrum.

What is the distance of Agasthyakoodam?

The distance of Agasthyakoodam is 28 km from the Bonacaud to the peak.

How long is Agasthyakoodam trekking?

The hike to Agasthyakoodam is 20 kilometers long to one side. On both sides, the total hiking distance is 40 kilometers.

How many places to visit in Trivandrum?

When you plan a trip to Trivandrum, then there are many places to visit which you can explore, such as Padmanabhaswamy Temple, Napier Museum, Agasthyakoodam, Poovar Island, Trivandrum Zoo and many more.

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