Discover 11 Best Tourist Places in Kochi for One Day Trip

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Hello friends, Coaching is one of the famous tourist places in Kerala state. Which you must visit. If you are also planning to visit Kochi, Kerala, then this article will help you a lot in visiting Kochi, Kerala. In today’s article, we will learn about the tourist places in Kochi for one day trip located in the Ernakulam district of Kerala. Where you can go for a walk with your family.

Along with this, we will also know how to reach Kochi, the best time to visit Kochi. And where can you stay in Kochi, so let us know one by one about all the places in Kochi.

Kochi Journey: List of Best Tourist Places in Kochi for One Day Trip-

Kochi is a famous commercial city in Kerala, India. This place has been the center of spices. Due to this place being along the sea coast, seafood is available here in abundance. If you like to eat Si Ho, you can come to this place. Here you can go to many beaches and also enjoy many activities.

  1. Wonderla Kochi Water Park
  2. Vasco da Gama Square
  3. Hill Palace Museum
  4. Folklore Museum
  5. Bolgatty Palace And Island Resort
  6. Willingdon Island
  7. Marine Drive
  8. Cherai Beach
  9. Mattancherry Palace
  10. Lulu International Shopping Mall
  11. Fort Kochi

Wonderla Kochi Water Park-

This is the largest water park and amusement park in Kochi. There is also a parking facility here. If you come by car or taxi, then you can park your vehicle here. In this water park, you will get to see all types of attractions which you can enjoy.

tourist places in Kochi for one day trip Wonderla Water Park
Wonderla Water Park

Wonderla Location-

Kakkanad, Palikkara road, Pallikkara, Kerala

Wonderla Kochi Water Park Timing-

Weekdays Timing- 11 AM to 6 PM Weekends Timing- 11 AM to 7 PM

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Wonderla Ticket Price-

The ticket price of Wonderla Kochi is free for those below 85 cm, those above 140 cm adults 1431 RS Per person, children 1144 RS per person, and senior citizens 1074 Rs per person.

Weekend Ticket Prices-

Adult- 1516 Rs per person

Child- 1212 Rs Per Person

Senior Citizen- 1137 Rs per Person.

You can also get discounts on tickets through various offers like student offers, advance ticket discounts, seasonal discounts, and many more.

Wonderla Kochi Facilities-

  • Dormitory
  • Locker
  • EZ Pay Band
  • Stroller
  • Motorized Wheel Chair

Vasco da Gama Square-

Vasco da Gama Square is a commercial port in Kochi, Kerala state. Here you can see many places like mosques, churches, temples, etc. For those people who like to see such places, this is one of the nearby tourist places in Kochi for one day trip where they can go.

Hill Palace Museum-

Hill Palace Museum is the largest archaeological museum of Kerala which is located in Kochi city. In ancient times, this place was the residence of the Maharaja of Kochi. Many ancient artifacts and objects have been kept here, which you can see.

Folklore Museum-

This is a famous museum located just 4 km from Kochi city. Which you can explore during your trip to Kochi. In this museum, you will find an art gallery and very beautiful artifacts and paintings. Which you can see. You will get to see approximately 5000 artifacts in this museum. You can go to the Folklore museum with your family.

Bolgatty Palace And Island Resort –

Bolgatty Palace And Island Resort is located at a distance of about 11 kilometers from Kochi, which is a famous resort. It was constructed by the British. In this palace, along with food and drinks, you are provided with grounds for playing swimming pool, a conference hall, etc.

Willingdon Island-

This place is the largest man-made island in India. Which is named after a British officer. Here you will find a good restaurant to eat and drink. This is located at a distance of about 2 kilometers from Kochi city. This place is very famous in Kochi, if you also go to Kochi, then you must visit this place.

Marine Drive-

Marine Drive is one of the famous tourist places in Kochi for one day trip spread over an area of about 20 kilometers, which you can explore. Here you can also enjoy the sunset and sunrise views which are very beautiful to see. Many tourists come here to see this. You will see a huge crowd here at the time of sunset.

Cherai Beach-

Tourist places in Kochi for one day trip Cherai Beach
Cherai Beach

This is located at a distance of about 35 kilometers from Kochi city, it will take you about 50 minutes to reach here. This is one of the famous beaches and best tourist places in Kochi for one day for couples. Where you can visit with your family or friends. Here you will also see many coconut trees on the seashore. The seawater here is very clean, swimming in which is very enjoyable.

Mattancherry Palace-

It is situated at a distance of only 3 kilometers in Kochi. Which you can explore with your friends. In ancient times it was a palace but now it has been converted into a museum. In this, you can see many things from ancient times. Along with this, you can also learn about the history of Kochi.

Lulu International Shopping Mall-

If you go to visit Kochi, you can go to Lulu International Shopping Mall for shopping. This mall is spread over about 17 acres in Kochi city of India. Here you get every type of facility. Here you get cheap to expensive goods. If you want Kochi then you must go here and go shopping.

Fort Kochi-

The southern area of the city is situated on the seashore. It is famous for its historical attractions where you can spend time sitting on the seashore. If you go to coaching, you can go here also and include it in your list of best tourist places in Kochi for one day trip.

How to reach Kochi-

To reach Kochi, you have three options, The first option in which you can reach Kochi by train, flight, or bus.

If you want to come to coaching via train then the nearest railway station here is Ernakulam Junction. Where you can reach by train and from here you can go to all the sightseeing places by auto or taxi. If you do not get a train to Ernakulam Junction then you can come by train to Ernakulam Town. If you come here by train then this will be within your budget.

If you want, you can also come here via bus. Direct buses come here from some big cities of India. Through which you can come here.

If you come by flight, you can come to Cochin International Airport, the nearest airport here, and from there you can go to all your tourist places by auto.

Things to do in Kochi-

  • Boating
  • Enjoy on beach
  • Enjoy in Wonderla Water Park
  • Explore Museum

Best time to visit Kochi-

As for the best time to visit Kochi, you can go to Kochi anytime between November to February. This is the best time to visit Kochi because the weather here is very good at this time. The temperature here ranges from 18 centigrade to 35 centigrade, which is good for tourists.

Where to stay in Kochi-

If you come to Kochi to visit and want to stay here, then you can book a room in any of the cheap to expensive hotels. If you want to stay in a good hotel, then you can stay here. But you can book rooms in hotels around Ernakulam Junction Railway Station, where you will find very luxurious and quality hotels.

Best Places to Stay in Kochi-

There are many best places to stay in Kochi where you can stay. All places for stay are given below.

Couple Friendly Hotels in Kochi-

  • Hotel Pearl Palace
  • Millennium Continental Hotels
  • Keys Select Kochi
  • Sidra Pristine Hotel
  • Classic Hotel

Hotels in Kochi Near Railway Station-

  • Grand Hyatt Kochi
  • Crowne Plaza Kochi
  • Mare Blu Resort
  • Hotel South Gate Residency
  • Springfield Billets Hotel
  • Hotel Aiswarya


Through this article, you must have come to know which are the tourist places in Kochi for one day trip in India. If you want to know more about Kochi then you can comment below and if you want to plan your trip. If you want to share your experience then you can tell in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is famous of Kochi?

Cherai Beach, Fourt Kochi, Marine Drive are the famous places in Kochi where tourists can visit.

What is the main food of Kochi?

Dosa, Sambhar, Idli, Payasam Appam are the main foods of Kochi which you can also eat during your Kochi journey.

How many tourist places are there in Kochi?

There are many tourist places in Kochi, such as Bolgatty Palace, Marine Drive, Mattancherry Palace, Hill Palace Museum, Wonderla Kochi Water Park, Willingdon Island, etc.

Is Kochi costly?

Yes, Kochi is expensive for staying as a tourist. Accommodation, travel, rent are most expensive.

Is Kochi safe for solo female?

Kochi is a safe tourist place for solo females. If you want to visit as a single, no problem, you can visit here.

What is best breakfast in Kerala?

Idli, Dosa, Appam, Upma, Kappa, Pathiri are the best breakfast in Kerala which you can eat during your Kochi and Kerala journey.

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